Youth Self Defense Class

Parents can’t always be there when their children face danger. Safe kids are safety smart. They trust their instincts, think on their feet and don’t hesitate to protect themselves. There are ways to train children to be safety smart. Peace Over Violence is taught first and foremost and that self defense is your last resort. Self-Defense and Safety provides children with an opportunity to develop critical thinking skills, respect their instincts and cultivate assertiveness.

If your child is advanced enough, he/she may sign up for the adult class. All our youth classes teach nothing about guns or knives. We teach safety first in all youth programs.

Youth Self Defense Training Sessions 1
Package Cost: $75.00
4 Days / 2 hr Class
Time: 3PM-5PM

March 14th Awareness & What to Look For
March 21st Physical & Mental Aspects
March 28th Pressure Points & Close Encounters
April 4th Basic Moves Anyone Can Do

Instructor: John Marshall 

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